Social Media is expanding to every device, and increasingly affects how we access data or are informed of new events and opportunities. A simple tweet or retweet, or a posting to a Social Investor group can open new avenues of growth for your company. Today, professional analysts look at Social Media Metrics to determine how people are being influenced on the Social Media Networks. Not having any dialog with these emerging influencers is implicitly allowing others to dictate the "rules of the converstation". Be Socially Aware, and keep the Social Networks "up to speed" with your latest information.

social investor metrics

ABN Newswire news distribution differs significantly from our perceived competitors, because our methodology is to publish your news as widely as possible. ABN Newswire is not trying to be the "go-to" website for equity news, rather, we want your news on as many publishing platforms as possible giving you the widest reach and the most discoverability. Whether it is "green screens", "websites", "multimedia emails", "mobile friendly" or "social media savy", we get it, and we pass that capability to our clients.

Key Benefits

  • Immediate Visibility on Twitter Facebook and LinkedIn

  • Keywords and Tags are applied to each Social Media Posting

  • Being Present on the ever expanding reach of Social Networks

  • Reach the Social Investor where they look for News

  • Allow access to your News via Social Media Data Mining

  • Be Present and have a Voice where your competition is not participating