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About Us
ABN Newswire was created in 2005 to offer companies a press release pipeline to overseas stakeholders, and an electronic network for broadcasting important corporate information to local and foreign media.

Today, ABN Newswire is the globally recognised press release distributor from the region, in simplified and traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese as well as English.

ABN distributes and publishes company press release information via XML format for efficient real-time delivery to major websites, databases and professional information terminals around the world.

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ABN Newswire creates IR and PR packages that broadcast your news as widely as possible. Our guiding principles are:

ABN Newswire works across languages, instead of within borders. ABN is working to distribute your news as comprehensively as possible, so your news is distributed with real-time news feeds to every major terminal, database and website, in every language.

ABN Newswire is building innovative, cost-effective 'Electronic Publishing Packages' that allow you to benefit from our comprehensive electronic network, while improving return on your corporate communications budget. Log-in to your private software and manage your own news releases for further economy.

ABN Newswire informs you where your news will go: terminals and on-line services, databases and websites where your IR news will appear, followed by confirmation reports; general and trade media where your PR news will go, followed by reports to assess how your news has been published in your chosen media.


ABN Newswire is a high-efficiency corporate news distributor with strong engineering and management support, providing world-class solutions that meet the communications needs of each of our customers. With a firm knowledge of our equipment and processes that enable us to deliver wider distribution, speed, reliability, efficiency and capability, we are the corporate communications partner for various global industry leaders.

Asia and the World
ABN Newswire has chosen to focus on the financial hot-spot of corporate communications - the fast growing economies of Asia. The unique ability to handle Asian languages as well as English places ABN as a mediator for the financial east and west. Professional translators, accredited in both translation and subject matter provide the important context to your corporate communications. Our financial translation team is spread across the Asian region, and responds quickly to market needs around the clock. Market information is translated and released in a timely fashion as the opening of trading follows the sun. ABN in not limited to Asia, with strong partnerships for news distribution in the northern US markets and Europe.

Total Solutions
ABN Newswire prides itself on its proven ability to deploy a complete spectrum of innovative communication solutions, from prototyping to in-house deployment, testing, product assurance and information management. We invest in state-of-the-art technology, including high bandwidth - high availability fibre backed servers, so that you can be assured of solutions that are of uncompromising quality. We transfer the benefits and savings from our competitive infrastructure costs to our customers, which ultimately translate into superior long-term value.

Developing and maintaining a strategic partnership with our customers is our top priority, and ABN Newswire is dedicated to providing our customers the best support and services in the industry, by focusing on maximising work productivity, minimising turnaround and responding quickly to market disclosures that meet and exceed regulatory requirements.

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