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Deliver your company news, directly to investors, where they look for it.
Today more than ever, you must reach investors with relevant and concise information.

Institutional Investors

ABN Newswire is globally accredited to the top tier of financial news via Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Dow Jones Factiva and more. We deliver text and video directly to institutional desktops.
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Retail Investors

Reaching retail investors via equity websites, search engines and financial blogs is no longer out of reach with ABN Newswire's unique distribution model. Your news is easily integrated on any website.
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Social Investors

Instant broadcasting of your news, images and video through LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Reduce your time and effort posting on Social Media, we do it for you.
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Why Choose Us

With years of cutting edge software development, ABN Newswire has integrated with every major news provider and social media in multiple languages...
ABN Newswire monitors your newsflow and knows instantly when you make a company announcement. Our alert system tells you we are already working on distributing your news...
Our reporting tells you how many are reading your news, referrals to your website and your most read announcements by week, month and year, with interactive stock price and news reads chart data...

Recent News

Hi-Ya Will Commence Business in Australia Soon

Ramsay BannaSydney, Australia, June 12, 2024 Hi-Ya today officially announced the start of its operation in Sydney and Australia “Save the environment” initiatives are being embraced by governments everywhere, with the ambitious goal of furthering the country’s re-use, share and re-cycle agenda while meeting the society’s increased demands without much expenses.

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Introducing WP Compress: The Revolutionary Speed Optimization Plugin for Wordpress

We are excited to share the news about a speed optimization plugin for Wordpress websites called WP Compress. Developed by a team of experienced developers, this plugin is designed to speed up and optimize a website's speed and performance.

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